Who Is It, Whoodini?

by Roman Yasiejko * Illustrated by Gustavo Ramos

When a big, mysterious bird crashes in a tree, two owl sleuths, Cahoots and Whoodini, fly off to gather the facts. Like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, they search for clues and listen to eyewitness reports from several animals, but it’s not until Whoodini puts it all together with one final, whispered clue from an unexpected source that they can flap back to the tree for the fun, surprise reveal and rescue.

Follow the clues to reveal an unexpected surprise in this rhyming mystery read-aloud!

book cover

Where the Best Stories Hide

By Roman Yasiejko • Illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Nicholas has a big box of crayons and an even bigger imagination! One day in school, he doodles his way into trouble when his teacher catches him scribbling and coloring outside the lines of his coloring book. Challenged to explain his stories, Nicholas takes a dash of creativity and a dab of courage to wow the whole class and prove that the best stories sometimes hide outside the lines. Perfect for irrepressible creatives of all ages, Where the Best Stories Hide will inspire young artists of every stripe to bravely fill the world with color.

But that little boy sure had something to say with scribbles and squiggles and crayons that day.

Roman Yasiejko went from doodling as a child to drawing and designing buildings as an adult. He’s an architect who lives in upstate New York with his wife, Rosemarie (and their stealthy cat, Misty). They have two adult sons and two young grandchildren to whom he loves reading stories.